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Washington-Area Sniper

October 16, 2002

In view of the Washington-area shootings, I am compelled to congratulate the National Rifle Assn. for its unrelenting efforts, which have allowed the sniper the availability of a gun for his own "safety." Keep up the good work, pals; you are doing a commendable job.

Leon Singer



Re "Sniper Probe Spotlights Chief's Style," Oct. 14: Three cheers for the Moose. Here's a man who does not grovel before the media, who doesn't engage in affectations; doesn't call media types by their first name; and who is totally professional all the time.

Montgomery County Police Chief Charles Moose dislikes TV cameras and does not go out of his way to get on the news, unlike certain past and present members of the law enforcement community. Three cheers, I say.

Carl W. Goss

Los Angeles

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