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Anaheim Angels Have Talent, Heart and Class

October 17, 2002

Re "Series-Bound Angels on Cloud 9," Oct. 14: Thank you, Anaheim Angels players, coaches, front-office personnel and ownership. For all of us who preceded you, you finally got the monkey off of our collective backs and in his rightful place, as a rally mascot. You have proven that a team is greater than the sum of its players. You have created a bond between the players and the fans. But most of all, you have given us the very best that our national pastime has to offer -- a piece of Americana. There may be no joy in Mudville, but there is happiness in Anaheim, and through all this a certain cowboy smiles down from the heavens.

Richard M. Brown

Past President

Anaheim Angels


The Angels are in the World Series, and as a true (not bandwagon) Angel fan I couldn't be more delighted. My son Marcus and I have been fortunate to be at all the playoff games, and each has been more thrilling than the last. After defeating the Twins on Sunday, it was an emotional moment when the Angels ran back onto the field to acknowledge and thank the fans. When Tim Salmon ran back with the trophy I was ready to burst with joy and pride. Regardless of how the series goes, this team is to be commended for providing its fans with highlights we can replay in our minds forever. Thank you, Angels, for a great season. This team has talent, heart and real class.

Carlos Casillas

Chino Hills

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