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Political Campaigning: Another Kind of War

October 18, 2002

President Bush and many of his supporters are quick to claim that his press for war against Iraq is not politically motivated. If it isn't politically motivated, why are many Republican candidates now attacking their opponents on their stands regarding this war? I won't be surprised if all this rhetoric cools off after November's elections. Bush, just after getting his victory on the resolution, took pride in the fact that the debate was "fair and balanced." Yet his party's use of that debate is far from fair and balanced.

I have some rhetorical questions that I hope people will answer prior to voting in November: If you are so strongly in favor of this war, will you either sign yourself or your children up first, so others who don't feel like you do won't have to die for your views? Are you truly better off today than you were two years ago? Are you safer today than you were two years ago? And one for Mr. Bush: Whatever happened to Osama bin Laden?

David Mecozzi

Alta Loma


Re "Bush Focuses Campaigning on Key Areas," Oct. 15: When did it become the job of the president to be campaigning around the country for candidates? Bush has been doing much of that lately. There are so many serious issues to be taken into consideration; it would seem his attention should be focused on them during this critical time.

Helen Carey

Desert Hot Springs

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