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Bruins Should Just Kick Themselves

October 19, 2002

Bob Toledo is disappointed in his kicking game? Don't pass the buck, Bob. The loss to Oregon rests squarely on Toledo's shoulders, not on Chris Griffith's leg.

I've been patient and a Bob Toledo supporter for many years, but no more. His play-calling and coaching seem to get worse each year. He is conservative when he should open things up and a risk taker when safe would be the wise move.

Forget dumping Steve Lavin, UCLA has a much bigger problem! Bob is lucky my name isn't Dan Guerrero, because I've had it with him!

Joe Travers

Los Angeles


Phi Beta Bob came up short again at the Rose Bowl. Short on a fourth-and-15 trick play, when a 45-yard field goal would have given us the game. Short on timeouts, when wasting all three in the second half didn't allow us to stop the clock and maybe get the ball back. Short on play-calling, when the Bruins don't run out the clock at the end of the half. Short a few moments later, when only three Bruins lined up and no one could at least get a hand up on a 59-yard field-goal attempt. And let's not forget a favorite one, short on defense as once again 30 points are not enough to win.

But he saves his best for the final act, where our play director decides to reenact last year's game with overly conservative calls, hoping a long field goal will win it. Oops, didn't work this time either. If he can't learn from his prior losses, it's no wonder the team loses lots of games and ultimately gives up, like against USC last year.

Scott Lorenz

La Canada

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