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October 20, 2002|WADE GRAHAM


COVER STORY > Burn It to Save It 14

The only way to prevent the devastating wildfires scorching the West this year is to allow our forests to burn more regularly. That's what fire historian Stephen J. Pyne calls the fire paradox--and it makes sense only if you understand the traditional role that fire has played in shaping American forests.

Stuart Spencer Has a Few Zingers Left 18

The legendary GOP consultant who helped shape modern election campaigning may be retired, but he's still got plenty to say about most everything political--and he still relishes a good fight.

In Defense of the Urban Survivor 20

Coyotes have adapted to life in Southern California better than most people, yet they can't shake their image as nasty predators. Perhaps it's time for another look at these resourceful and wily neighbors.

Can the PTA Get a Passing Grade? 22

This isn't your mother's PTA anymore. It still wants the best for children, parents and teachers, but other forces are pushing it toward the margins in Southern California schools.


FASHION > The Better Part of Valor 26

Pack up your tricky denim and your body-hugging synthetics. This fall, the classics are back for men. That means traditional coats and shirts, but with a fun-loving twist.

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