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World Series

Play By Play

October 20, 2002


GIANTS: Angels 0, Giants 0--Fox opens with a song by Bruce Springsteen, which proves at least one person at Fox has some sense. Kenny Lofton struck out swinging at ball four. Rich Aurilia popped to third. Troy Glaus and David Eckstein almost collided, but Eckstein is so short he ran right under Glaus' arms. Jeff Kent struck out swinging. No runs, no hits.

ANGELS: Angels 0, Giants 0--In tribute to Tim McCarver, this half-inning's play-by-play will be one giant run-on sentence that will meander aimlessly, only occasionally giving actual information about the game. OK, maybe not. Eckstein lined to left. Darin Erstad flied to left. Tim Salmon struck out swinging. No runs, no hits.


GIANTS: Giants 2, Angels 0--On a 2-and-1 pitch, Barry Bonds homered to deep right. Jarrod Washburn just shrugged his shoulders. Here's a tip, you really shouldn't give Bonds a belt-high fastball right down the middle of the plate. Benito Santiago grounded to third. Reggie Sanders homered to right. J.T. Snow grounded to second. David Bell grounded to third. Two runs, two hits.

ANGELS: Giants 2, Angels 1--Garret Anderson struck out swinging. Another "Sounds of the Game" and Bud Black still hasn't referred to an Angel pitcher by name. That's why he didn't want the Indians' job, he didn't want to call 25 guys "Hey". Troy Glaus homered to left, awakening the fans. Brad Fullmer singled to right. Scott Spiezio flied to center. Fullmer stole second. Actually, he was out but the umpire called him safe. John Travolta and Tim Allen are at the game. Probably discussing whose career is fading faster. Bengie Molina flied to left. One run, two hits, one left.


GIANTS: Giants 2, Angels 1--Has anyone ever seen Jarrod Washburn and Kiefer Sutherland in the same room together? Is this whole World Series just part of a plot to get more advertising for "24"? Tsuyoshi Shinjo struck out swinging. Longtime Angel fan Tom Lasorda is at the game. Lofton flied to center. Aurilia grounded to short. No runs, no hits.

ANGELS: Giants 2, Angels 1--Adam Kennedy almost hit his fourth homer in two games, but had to settle for a double on a drive hit off the top of the right-field wall. Eckstein, who fouled off several two-strike pitches, hit a ground ball to the right side, advancing Kennedy to third. Nice piece of hitting. Erstad struck out swinging at a pitch way out of the strike zone. Salmon flied to center. No runs, one hit, one left.


GIANTS: Giants 2, Angels 1--The cast of "FastLane" is at the show. Sitting in the third row. Meanwhile, real Angel fans are unable to get seats. Kent grounded to short. Bonds struck out swinging at a pitch that was too high. Santiago singled to center. Sanders walked. Snow fouled off several full-count pitches and drew a walk. Nice at-bat by Snow, who has a lot of trouble hitting left-handers. The bases are loaded. Bell popped to short right, Salmon called off Spiezio and Kennedy to make the catch. No runs, one hit, three left.

ANGELS: Giants 2, Angels 1--Anderson singled to right. Glaus popped to second. Fullmer struck out swinging. The Angels are trying to swing for the seats instead of just putting the ball into play. Spiezio doubled down the right-field line, Anderson to third. The ball was hit so hard, Anderson didn't have a chance to score. Molina grounded to third. No runs, two hits, two left.


GIANTS: Giants 2, Angels 1--Shinjo singled to right-center. Lofton sacrificed. Aurilia hit a broken-bat fly ball to left. Someone should send the bat to Mark Cresse, so he can make a lamp out of it. Kent grounded to short, Eckstein bobbled the ball and then put every ounce of his energy into his throw to first. Kent was out by a mile. No runs, one hit, one left.

ANGELS: Giants 2, Angels 1--Kennedy struck out swinging. Typical Adam Kennedy at-bat, it's either all or nothing. Eckstein hit a grounder up the middle. Kent made a diving stop but was unable to throw out Eckstein. See Jeff, that's how you run out a ground ball. Erstad singled to center, Eckstein to third. Salmon popped to Snow, who slipped and fell but had enough time to get up and make the catch. A really nice play by Snow. Anderson struck out swinging. No runs, two hits, two left.


GIANTS: Giants 4, Angels 1--Bonds hit a bad-hop grounder to first. Spiezio stayed with it and threw to Washburn covering. Charlie Hough is at the game. Reggie Jackson has bought tickets for Hough, Elias Sosa and Burt Hooton for every World Series game since Game 6, 1977. Santiago struck out swinging. Sanders singled to left. Snow, of all people, homered to left-center. Brendan Donnelly pitching. Bell fouled to left. Two runs, two hits, none left.

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