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Play By Play

October 23, 2002|Houston Mitchell


ANGELS: Angels 0, Giants 0 -- Tony Bennett sang the National Anthem. And did you notice he was not wearing a Giant jacket, but a neutral World Series jacket? Did he leave his heart in Anaheim, perhaps? David Eckstein lined a shot back to Livan Hernandez, who caught it. Darin Erstad grounded to third. Tim Salmon struck out swinging. No runs, no hits.

GIANTS: Giants 1, Angels 0 -- So let's get this straight. Taco Bell has decided that if a player hits a ball that lands on a target in McCovey Cove, everyone in America gets a free taco. Old Navy has decided that if a player hits a ball into McCovey Cove, it will give a children's fund in San Francisco the whopping sum of $500. How much doesn't Old Navy pay Morgan Fairchild to appear in those awful "Green Acres" rip-off commercials? Can't they give them that money instead? Kenny Lofton walked. Bengie Molina picked Lofton off first, but the umpire blew the call. Rich Aurilia struck out while Lofton stole second. He was actually out again, but the second-base umpire blew this call. By the way, today's first-base and second-base umpires are Willie Mays and Willie McCovey. Jeff Kent hit a check-swing comebacker that deflected off Ramon Ortiz's glove. Lofton stopped at third. Barry Bonds was walked intentionally, depriving Americans everywhere the chance for a free taco. Benito Santiago hit a check-swing grounder to second, Lofton scored. Runners on second and third. J.T. Snow grounded to the pitcher. One run, one hit, two left.


ANGELS: Giants 1, Angels 0--How about this: If someone hits a ball into McCovey Cove, Tim McCarver has to be quiet for 30 seconds. Garret Anderson grounded to first, pitcher covering. Troy Glaus flied to center. Scott Spiezio walked. Adam Kennedy hit a ground-rule double inside the left-field line, Bonds could have caught if he dived for it, but that might have messed up his uniform. Spiezio had to stop at third. The ground-rule double cost the Angels a run. Bengie Molina was walked intentionally. Why aren't they playing the "Chicken Dance" now? Ramon Ortiz, 0 for 14 in his career, struck out swinging. Ortiz took off his shinguard before the at-bat. He must have realized he had no chance of making contact. Ogilvie from "The Bad News Bears" looked more comfortable at the plate. No runs, one hit, three left.

GIANTS: Giants 1, Angels 0--Reggie Sanders struck out swinging. David Bell walked. Livan Hernandez sacrificed. Lofton grounded to first, unassisted. No runs, no hits, one left.


ANGELS: Angels 4, Giants 1--Eckstein walked. Robin Williams is at the game. He doesn't have a beard, so his next film must be a comedy. Erstad doubled to right. Eckstein was running on the pitch, but the ball was hit so hard, he had to stop at third. Salmon grounded to third, it took a bad hop and Bell misplayed it, Salmon beat the throw to first, Eckstein scored. Runners on first and second. Anderson flied to left. With the runners going, Glaus singled to left. Erstad scored, Salmon to third. With Glaus going on the pitch, Spiezio tripled to right-center, Salmon and Glaus scoring. Mike Scioscia must be related to Kreskin, because he always picks the perfect time to call the hit-and-run. In a "Sounds of the Game," Dave Righetti reminded Hernandez to "back up home plate." Now that is showing confidence. He might as well have told Hernandez to save him a sandwich when he gets to the clubhouse. Kennedy struck out. Molina was walked intentionally again. That's two intentional walks for Molina, one for Barry Bonds. Ogilvie, I mean, Ortiz, grounded to the left side of the mound, Hernandez threw wide to first and Snow made a tough play look easy to retire Ortiz. Snow could fall down and still make the play. Four runs, three hits, one error, two left.

GIANTS: Angels 4, Giants 1--Aurilia singled to left. Kent fouled to first. On three pitches, Bonds struck out. Santiago grounded to third. No runs, one hit, one left.


ANGELS: Angels 8, Giants 1--Eckstein grounded to short. Erstad singled to center. Salmon walked. With Anderson at the plate, Erstad and Salmon pulled off a double steal. Anderson grounded to first, Erstad scoring. Jay Witasick pitching. Glaus walked. It looked like he swung for strike three, but the umpire said no. Spiezio singled to right, Salmon scoring, Glaus to second. Kennedy lined a shot off Witasick's right elbow. That had to hurt. The ball deflected into left field for a single, Glaus scoring, Spiezio to second. Molina singled to right, Spiezio scoring, Kennedy to third. The Pac Bell crowd is very, very quiet. Ortiz struck out. Four runs, four hits, two left.

GIANTS: Angels 8, Giants 1--Snow grounded to first, unassisted. Sanders fouled to first. After fouling off several two-strike pitches, Bell walked. Pedro Feliz, batting for Witasick, flied to left. No runs, no hits, one left.


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