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You Might Want to Hold the Mustard

October 23, 2002|Ron Robinette San Clemente

How come in Los Angeles, the favorite hot dog is the Dodger Dog, but in San Francisco, the favorite hot dog is Barry Bonds?

Ron Robinette San Clemente

*They're at it again! This time it's a smaller, harder ball. Anything to make the game more exciting and keep the fans happy. It makes you wonder, though, which teams would be playing in this World Series if this ball had been used all year in both leagues.

I can see it now: 2042 World Series. Slow pitch with golf ball-size balls and aluminum bats! Now that will really produce home runs!

Bob Brach

Desert Springs

*What was Mike Scioscia thinking by starting Kevin Appier in Game 2? Appier has been a huge disappointment throughout the postseason.

John Lackey or Scott Schoeneweis would have been a better start. Appier is nothing short of a disaster, as he has been all season, and didn't deserve the start in one of the most important games in the history of the franchise.

Maybe Appier thinks giving up three home runs is OK. I don't.

Skip Houston

Laguna Beach


Heaven and Fox have mercy on us. I may be retro, but I do not share in the aesthetic appreciation of the World Series camera crew presenting so many images of the managers' faces. And the crew does not share my lack of interest in the vulgarity of great expectorations presented to us, along with prolonged close-ups of oral manipulation of a toothpick or chewing gum in and out of the mouth.

W.K. Engel

Los Angeles

*McCarver, shut up! 3-D glasses? Are you kidding me?

No wonder the Dodgers will never win anything as long as Fox is running the show. My wife even yelled at the TV set to have these two yo-yos be quiet.

Thank God you don't own any other sports team.

Sam Rizzardo

Harbor City


As some of your sportswriters have noted, to call Fox's coverage of the baseball playoffs terrible is generous. But the writers get free passes to the games. For fans who can't shell out $350 and up for a nosebleed seat, we're stuck with TV (using radio for the audio still doesn't block out the annoying polls and graphics that hide the game).

Does anyone have an idea how the fans can keep Fox from saddling us with this kind of hideous presentation again?

Sandi Cain

Laguna Beach


I'm incredibly tired of all the Tom Lasorda interviews at the World Series. Does he really believe Mike Scioscia and Dusty Baker (whom he claims to have predicted managerial success for decades ago), are his proteges and would be nothing without him? Sure, Scioscia and Baker have picked up a few things from the old manager along the way, but the credit for their success must be attributed to their own intelligence, experience and character.

Where was Tommy when he allowed Dusty to be cast aside by damaging innuendo and when the Dodgers unfairly fired Mike? Tommy, the perpetual hypocrite, also is quick to remind us of former players and associates he no longer speaks to because of past petty issues. Will a pennant, batting title or other notable accomplishments put them back in good graces so Tommy can jump on their bandwagon and continue to have a forum to deliver his self-promoting message?

Sports journalists and reporters who have been intimidated seldom confront these flaws in Tommy's character.

Chuck Brauer

Manhattan Beach

*I am hoping The Times can get the word out to Fox that Anaheim is in Orange County, not L.A.

As an avid Angel fan, I don't expect them to understand that we don't want to be associated with L.A. or whatever promotional items they put on TV to boost ratings. I cheer for the Angels for better or worse and I live 50 miles to the south, where skies are clearer, our freeways less congested and our team is in the World Series.

Matt Degulis

Orange County

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