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Play By Play

October 24, 2002|Houston Mitchell


ANGELS: Angels 0, Giants 0 -- When will "Star Spangled Banner" singers learn that it's not the time for them to show off their voices? It's not an audition for "American Idol." David Eckstein grounded to short. Darin Erstad grounded to second. Tim Salmon grounded to third. Bell made a low throw to first and J.T. Snow couldn't dig it out. Error on Bell. Snow usually makes that play. Eric Karros would have pulled his foot off the bag and been running back to the dugout before the ball even got there. Garret Anderson, grounded a single to center, Salmon taking third. The Angels go from first to third better than any team in years. Troy Glaus grounded to second, Jeff Kent flipped to Rich Aurilia for the force at second. No runs, one hit, one error, two left.

GIANTS: Angels 0, Giants 0 -- Kenny Lofton beat out a slow roller to second. After failing on a sacrifice attempt, Aurilia singled to right, Lofton taking third. With the Angels scoring eight runs a game, playing for one run doesn't make sense. Kent struck out swinging. At last count, Kent has stranded 1,247 runners on base in this World Series. Barry Bonds was intentionally walked. For those of you scoring at home, and those of you alone, that makes two IBB's for Bonds in the last two games, and two for Bengie Molina. Benito Santiago grounded into a 6-3 double play. That was huge. After watching him take the ball to second, you had the feeling Eckstein said to himself "No way I'm throwing this to Benji Gil." No runs, two hits, two left.


ANGELS: Angels 1, Giants 0 -- Scott Spiezio hit a bouncer up the middle, Aurilia made a nice play to get him. Gil singled to right. Bengie Molina used his nine-iron to hit a ball that was in the dirt into center, Gil to second. Tiger Woods couldn't have done it better. John Lackey, who has never batted as a pro before, SINGLED TO RIGHT! Kirk Rueter should just retire now. Now Lackey has more key hits in this Series than Jeff Kent. The bases are loaded. Eckstein flied to short center, Gil scored on a terrible throw by Lofton. Venus de Milo has a better arm than Lofton. Erstad grounded to the pitcher. One run, three hits, two left.

GIANTS: Angels 1, Giants 0 -- Snow grounded to first. Some fans in the stands have black and orange noise sticks. Can't they come up with their own ideas? They have to steal the noise sticks gig from Angel fans? Reggie Sanders singled up the middle. Bell's bat shattered on a grounder to short. The bat almost hit Glaus as Eckstein threw to first for the out. Sanders to second. Rueter grounded to second and ran hard to make it a close play at first. But he was out. No runs, one hit, one left.


ANGELS: Angels 3, Giants 0 -- The Taco Bell target is still in McCovey Cove. The folks at Target should put a big taco in McCovey Cove, just to get even. Salmon singled to center. Anderson hit a slow roller to second, Kent got the force at second. Glaus homered to center. Finally, Glaus homers with someone on base. Lofton glared at a fan, apparently believing the fan prevented him from making the catch. Lofton's ego goes up the more his playing ability goes down. Spiezio lined to center. Gil singled to center. Gil is seven for 10 in the postseason. Molina flied to right. Two runs, three hits, one left.

GIANTS: Angels 3, Giants 0 -- Lofton singled to right. Aurilia hit a drive to left-center that bounced off the heel of Erstad's glove on his diving attempt at a catch. It was a great try by Erstad. Anderson was right there to back him up and immediately grabbed the ball and threw it in, preventing Lofton from scoring. Two good plays by Angel outfielders. Runners on second and third. Kent lined back to the pitcher. Bonds was walked intentionally, thereby passing Molina in the intentional walk sweepstakes. Santiago grounded into a 6-4-3 double play. The Giants just can't seem to get a clutch hit. No runs, two hits, three left.


ANGELS: Angels 3, Giants 0 -- You would think Tim McCarver would have learned a little something about silence in all his years catching Steve Carlton. Lackey grounded to the pitcher. Eckstein tried to bunt for a hit, but Bell threw him out. Erstad grounded to second. A quick inning. No runs, no hits.

GIANTS: Angels 3, Giants 0-- They just showed the MasterCard Most Memorable Moment commercial. The campaign is over! Voting has ended! Ripken won! Stop with the commercial! Stop! Snow grounded to second. Sanders flied to right. Bell flied to left. No runs, no hits.


ANGELS: Angels 3, Giants 0 -- Salmon took strike three. Anderson singled to shallow left. Glaus grounded into a 6-4-3 double play. No runs, one hit.

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