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Play By Play

October 25, 2002|-Houston Mitchell


ANGELS: Angels 0, Giants 0 -- Future crooners, take note of LeAnn Rimes. That is how you sing the "Star Spangled Banner." David Eckstein singled to center. Darin Erstad grounded into a 4-6 force play. Tim Salmon struck out swinging. Joe Buck and Tim McCarver are comparing Garret Anderson to a "young Barry Bonds". Yeah, right. We all envision Anderson hitting 73 homers one day. Anderson singled to center, Erstad to second. Troy Glaus struck out swinging. No runs, two hits, two left.

GIANTS: Giants 3, Angels 0 -- Kenny Lofton hit a foul into the first row of seats down the first-base line. This guy had it go in and out of his glove. Here's the question: How did Billy Ashley get such good seats? Lofton singled to right. Rich Aurilia flied to right-center. Jeff Kent walked. Barry Bonds doubled down the right-field line, Lofton scoring, Kent to third. Benito Santiago flied to left, Kent scoring. Reggie Sanders was intentionally walked. J.T. Snow walked, loading the bases. David Bell walked on four pitches, Bonds scoring. Jason Schmidt struck out swinging. Three runs, two hits, three left.

*--* *--*


ANGELS: Giants 3, Angels 0 -- Scott Spiezio struck out swinging, Adam Kennedy grounded to first and Bengie Molina struck out swinging. No runs, no hits.

GIANTS: Giants 6, Angels 0 -- Lofton hit a foul popup that Eckstein should have caught, but didn't. Lofton then singled to center. Aurilia hit a liner to right-center, Erstad made a nice diving catch. Kent doubled off the right-field wall. The ball hit Salmon on the rebound, otherwise it would have been a triple and Lofton would have scored. Instead, he had to hold at third. Bonds was walked intentionally. Fox Instapoll: "Should Mike Scioscia warm up his bullpen now?" Actually, it would probably be best if the bullpen catchers warmed up the bullpen and Scioscia stayed in the dugout. Santiago singled to center, Lofton and Kent scored, Santiago took second on Erstad's poor throw home. Sanders flied to center, Bonds scoring, Santiago to third. Snow popped to shallow center. Three runs, three hits, one left.


ANGELS: Giants 6, Angels 0 -- Jarrod Washburn grounded to short. Why is Washburn hitting? Scot Shields hasn't pitched in weeks, he probably would be more effective than Washburn right now. It's 6-0! Eckstein walked. Eckstein stole second. Erstad hit a pop fly that landed between third, short and left field, Eckstein to third. Salmon struck out swinging. Anderson flied to right. If you hit for the pitcher leading off the inning, maybe you score a couple of runs. No runs, one hit, two left.

GIANTS: Giants 6, Angels 0 -- Bell singled into the shortstop hole. Washburn has given up six hits and five walks. Schmidt sacrificed. Lofton grounded to second, Bell to third. Aurilia flied to center. No runs, one hit, one left.


ANGELS: Giants 6, Angels 0 -- Glaus struck out swinging. Spiezio walked. San Francisco 49er receiver Terrell Owens is at the game. He was on a cell phone, probably lining up a deal with the fine folks at Bic. There were about eight people in the shot with Owens, and four of them were on cell phones. If you want to talk on the phone, STAY HOME! Kennedy struck out swinging. Molina popped to second. No runs, no hits, one left.

GIANTS: Giants 6, Angels 0 -- Kent flied to right. Bonds hit a check-swing fly ball to left. The Taco Bell target is back! Where are the Del Taco people? Why aren't they getting in on this? Santiago grounded to third. No runs, no hits.


ANGELS: Giants 6, Angels 3 -- Orlando Palmeiro, batting for Washburn, doubled to right. Eckstein singled off the glove of Bell, Palmeiro to third. Erstad flied to deep right, Palmeiro scoring. Salmon singled to center, Eckstein beat Lofton's throw to third. Eckstein scored on a wild pitch. Salmon took second. Time for another Fox "Virtual Manager." Instead of that, can't Fox replace Tim McCarver with a "Virtual Analyst"? Anderson struck out swinging. Glaus doubled off the painting of a car that is on the left-field fence, Salmon scored. Does this mean everyone in America gets a free car? C'mon, BMW, you can afford it. Free cars for everyone! Spiezio walked. Chad Zerbe pitching. Kennedy flied to center. Three runs, four hits, two left.

GIANTS: Giants 6, Angels 3 -- Brendan Donnelly pitching. Or, as McCarver called him, Brian Donnelly. Sanders struck out. On the Fox "Fan Cam," they showed Dusty Baker. Huh? Did he pay to get in? Snow struck out. Bell fouled to first. No runs, no hits.


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