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He Makes Sure All's Safe at Home

Snow pulls batboy -- Baker's 3-year-old son -- out of harm's way on play at plate.

October 25, 2002|Randy Harvey | Times Staff Writer

J.T. Snow should be credited with a save in the Giants' 16-4 victory.

He didn't pitch, but he did catch the Giants' 3-year-old batboy, Darren Baker, near home plate and carry him out of harm's way in the seventh inning.

After a Kenny Lofton triple, Baker -- son of Giant Manager Dusty -- ran out of the dugout to retrieve the bat while Snow was crossing the plate and David Bell was running home from third. If Snow hadn't acted quickly, Darren might have found himself in Bell's path.

"When I looked down [after scoring], I saw just a little kind of flash behind me," Snow said. "Darren does such a great job of going out, getting the bats, he's so eager all the time. I realized it was him.

"I have a 4 1/2-year-old son of my own at home. I know how to get hold of them when they're running away. I reached down. Luckily, I grabbed him by the collar of the jacket as he was crossing home plate. I just didn't want him to get hurt.

"His eyes were huge. I don't think he knew what was going on."

Angel catcher Bengie Molina was concerned.

"I tried to get the kid too," he said. "I knew he would get hurt if the play continued. But J.T. got to him before me."

The moment Dusty Baker reached his office after the game, the phone rang. Congratulations? No, it was his mother, calling to scold him.

"I saw the play unfold, and I was thinking about what my mom told me about," he said. "She said, 'He shouldn't be out there; he's gonna get hurt.' I said, 'Mom, I know what I'm doing.'

"First call I got when I got back to the clubhouse was my mom to tell me, 'I know you listen to me sometimes; just listen to me this time.' "

The only games the Giants have lost in this World Series were the ones in which Darren wasn't in the dugout.

"Darren's going to Anaheim," Baker said. "A couple of guys said that if he doesn't go, they don't go. So he's going to Anaheim."

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