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Scioscia's Decisions Under the Microscope

October 25, 2002

With this ongoing SoCal lovefest with the Angels and Mike Scioscia, I can see why you have refused to print any of my previous letters critical of his handling of the pitchers.

Well, I hope his good luck horseshoe is still working after his decision to pitch John Lackey on short rest. The kid was obviously out of gas early. If Scioscia insists on starting his top double-A pitcher Kevin Appier, it should have been in Game 4, up two games to one. Now they come back to Anaheim, down 3-2, with Appier scheduled in Game 6.

Hopefully Scioscia will come to his senses and Saturday go with Francisco Rodriguez for three or four, Lackey for two or three, and then the bullpen


Thursday's picture of Dusty Baker's kid retrieving a bat was cute, but what's the point of ripping David Eckstein? I had to make sure I didn't buy the San Francisco Chronicle by mistake. Or maybe T.J. Simers wrote the caption. No class, guys!

Gary Durrett



I just have one question for the Giants' little batboy:

"Who's your Daddy?"

David Abrecht

Palm Desert


You members of the media are so gullible. It's obvious Nolan Ryan couldn't care less about the Angels.

Even if you discount the lame excuses as to why Ryan can't throw out a first pitch (he has to baby-sit his grandchildren with his wife, or, he has a vacation planned) it's what, a 2 1/2-hour flight from Texas to Orange County? He could throw out the first pitch and probably make it home by the end of the game.

I'm not buying the "previous commitments" line and you shouldn't either.

Brooks Berry

Mission Viejo


To typical Dodger fan Beverly Chance of Glendale who thinks "Southern California is Los Angeles," even though by land area, L.A. is less than 1% of Southern California: I'm sure you also think baseball is the Dodgers, even though 24 of the 29 other major league teams have won more postseason games since 1988 than the 0-6 Dodgers.

To answer Brian Hittelman of Playa del Rey who asks how many Angel fans "are Laker (or Clipper) fans": We Angel fans hate the Lakers, because our radio station cut short an Angel postgame show after a postseason win against the Yankees to broadcast a Laker preseason game. (But we're tickled pink that the Clippers have also won more postseason games since 1988 than the Dodgers.)

Deal with that!

Rick Hatch

San Pedro


I have always enjoyed T. J. Simers (yes, I'm the one) and found his column amusing. I can forgive his negativity seeing as he comes to us from San Diego. Houston Mitchell is another thing entirely; not wholly positive in attitude (hates Tim McCarver) but absolutely hilarious in the humorous asides he includes in "Play by Play."

Tom McMahon



Love those Fox super close-ups ! Anyone else notice that there's a flaw in that diamond in Barry's ear?

Dan Wickerd

Grand Terrace


My choice for Baseball's Greatest Moment: Kevin Brown starting 35 games in 1999, without going on the disabled list.

David Macaray

Rowland Heights

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