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What are you watching?

October 27, 2002|Dana Calvo

Ira Glass

Host of "This American Life,"

on Public Radio International

"I'm a big fan of 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer.' I was introduced to it through my girlfriend, and now, because of that, I'm watching 'Firefly' [both are from writer-producer Joss Whedon]. Most of the people in my office watch 'Buffy' on a level that's geeky. I'm at the level where I can sing you the words to the musical they performed last season. I just started watching 'Alias.' I've been watching 'Smallville' with fascination, even though I feel like I don't have a reason to watch it. I find the acting dreadful."


Mo Rocca

Correspondent on "The Daily Show With Jon Stewart," on Comedy Central

"I love 'The O'Reilly Factor' because I think he's such a drama queen. I love 'Inside Politics' because Judy Woodruff has this really funky running suit she wears sometimes. I love Wolf Blitzer, because I'm so over the clean-shaven thing. I'm all about cable news. I like Katie, Matt, Al and Ann [of NBC's "Today Show"] because there are so many layers of dysfunction, and that's what makes them such a good point of identification. Katie is clearly not Ann's favorite fan. Ann needs to be more sensual and less perky, because Katie's got the perky down."

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