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Article Led to Adoption of Two At-Risk Cats

October 27, 2002

Re "Pet Adoption Made Easier by Volunteers at Rescue Web Site," Oct. 13:

I am writing to tell you about a wonderful thing that happened as a result of this article. As it happened, I had planned to go to the Orange County shelters to adopt two cats.

I decided to go to that Web site. The information there was overwhelming. There were links to shelters and an address where you could send an e-mail if you were looking for a specific kind of animal.

That's what I did.

I received an immediate response from many people and am still getting calls and e-mails today.

Yesterday, I adopted two beautiful 3-year-old cats. This is a direct result of the article in The Times.

The woman who called me runs Chihuahua Rescue in Burbank. She was at the animal shelter rescuing a dog when a man came in with two cats he wanted euthanized because his daughter was allergic.

She doesn't rescue cats but was concerned because they were healthy, wonderful cats. She took them and boarded them at her dog kennel, hoping to find them a home. She called me just a few days later, and now they are a part of my home.

Thanks for bringing us together.

Susan G. Bristol

Aliso Viejo

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