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LAUSD Clarification on Measure K

October 27, 2002

I am compelled to respond to the misinformation contained in Susan Chin-Ramirez's Oct. 21 letter questioning The Times' endorsement of Measure K.

The Local District F office is part of a converted warehouse that is also home to the district's information technology division, testing unit and the 1,600-student East Los Angeles Skills Center. The warehouse was not painted three times, but once, using three colors. We could fund painting for only two sides of the building. The building hasn't been painted in over 15 years.

The upgrade she questions was the paving of a dirt parking lot, which was unusable in inclement weather. No Proposition BB money was used to fund the painting or the paving, but BB has enabled us to complete numerous projects, including the painting of Sierra Vista Elementary School, Huntington Drive Elementary School and Multnomah Elementary School, which are also seen on Chin-Ramirez's way to work.

Measure K has implications that far outweigh the partial painting of an office with three windows. It means the construction of critically needed new schools, thereby taking thousands of students off buses, and further modernization projects to upgrade older schools. The bond oversight committee will ensure that projects and funds are handled correctly and ethically. Please don't throw out the bond with the bathwater!

Richard A. Alonzo


Local District F, LAUSD

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