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Sniper Suspect Caught With a 'Killing Machine'

October 27, 2002

If the suspect apprehended in Maryland (Oct. 25) is indeed the sniper that killed so many in the Washington area, we are looking at two domestic terrorists who served in the 1991 Gulf War -- including Timothy McVeigh. If one were to add up the number of persons killed in the Oklahoma City bombing and this latest sniper rampage, it is not too much of a leap to see that the death toll to U.S. citizens as a result of the Gulf War rises dramatically. Do we really want to go into another war, one that raises the threat of foreign and domestic terrorism to such an extreme level?

Katy Quigley

Los Angeles


In his Oct. 19 letter, Andrew Peart asserts that blaming the National Rifle Assn. for making guns available to the Washington-area sniper is ridiculous. I beg to differ. The gun used by the killer is a high-powered military-style rifle using .223-caliber cop-killer, armor-piercing bullets with a high-powered scope that enables a killer or a not-so-sporting "sports person" to kill from an obscenely great distance. The NRA has successfully fought against the banning of this hardware. There is no room for such efficient killing machines in a supposedly civilized society.

Bob Lentz


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