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One More and They Turn Giants Into Kings

October 27, 2002

Another NoCal team seemingly on the verge of its first championship.

Another SoCal team comes from the depths of despair to stay alive.

Was that Robert Horry I saw shooting a three-point shot for the Angels last night?

Michael Lee Manous



I'd like to thank Barry Bonds for not being a team player. By being Barry Bonds, he doesn't just assure you of a home run, he assures you of a defensive blunder or two. Oh sure, it may not show up in the scorebook as an error, but Barry plays for Barry. The bloop double by Garret Anderson in the eighth inning of Game 6 gets caught by 70% of major leaguers, but not Barry.

Can't get hurt, can't get dirty, and best of all, can't get a ring!

Sam Rizzardo

Harbor City


What a great come-from-behind victory (another) for the Angels! Did you notice that dude with the beard and goggles didn't pitch?

Debby Yates



We're all used to the Big Dodger in the Sky, but can there be a Big Halo in the Sky? In cowboy boots? I think so.

Carlos A. Hernandez

West Covina


In a sport inhabited by ghosts, curses and spirits of games past, it has been wonderful to watch the Angels disassemble the best teams in this postseason.

Every time this "cursed" team bats around again, I begin to wonder. Have the baseball gods assembled the greatest comeback team in the history of the game?

I don't know. But if you ask the Yankees, Twins and Giants and the ghost of Gene Autry, I think I know what they'd say.

Ken Just

Yorba Linda


I was surprised at the reactions of commentators and officials to the appearance at home plate of 3-year-old Darren Baker during Game 5 of the World Series. Most commentators seemed to see the intrusion as "cute" while praising J.T. Snow for rescuing the toddler.

Did anyone think it inappropriate for a preschooler to be left on his own in the midst of a crucial game of the World Series? There seemed to be no reaction at all from officials during the game, although a beach ball on the field always results in a timeout and a fan on the field in the midst of a play would quickly be escorted off by a bevy of security guards. It strikes me as a very inconsistent call by all involved.

Jeanne Stokols



To those of you who justifiably decry the World Series color-commentary of Tim McCarver, count your blessings; you could have had to contend with Rex "Motor-Mouth" Hudler in the booth.

Maybe there is something to be said for those noise sticks, after all.

Dick Wilson

San Pedro


Think Tim McCarver is bad? How about those awful virtual billboards that appear behind the batter?

The people in the ballpark don't see them, but while we television viewers are trying to concentrate on the pitch, we're distracted by those cyber monstrosities promoting "FastLane" or whatever the latest Fox bomb is.

Richard Rosenthal

Long Beach

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