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My Favorite Weekend: Linda Blair

October 31, 2002|Anne Valdespino

"THE Exorcist?" Linda Blair, child star of the 1973 film, does not want to talk about her head-turning role in the horror classic. These days she's busy as an advocate for critters of all kinds and will be strutting down the ramp as a celebrity model at a fund-raising fashion show to benefit Actors and Others for Animals on Nov. 16. She's also the host of the ABC Family Channel's series "Scariest Places on Earth."

No tricks

"I will be going to the health food store and buying treats to hand out to the children in my neighborhood. Part of the fun is oohing and aahing over the kid's costumes with parents and friends. I also try to educate people on how to keep their pets safe during the Halloween season. Cats are especially vulnerable and should be kept indoors."

Horsing around

I used to train show horses because when I was younger I wanted to be in the Olympics. But it's a hard business and it's hard on the horses, so I stopped. My last horse I still have, it's like having a big dog. His name is Coco and I take him for walks in Griffith Park. Sometimes we ride, but we can't spend too much time out there because the dogs -- I have chickens and dogs -- get a little bit mad that not all of them can go.

Into the water

When I had more time, we used to go out to Malibu Lake where they have canoe rides. I have three dogs, a Siberian husky, a Staffordshire terrier and a pit bull. When we go to the lake, I load them into the canoe and they sit peacefully. They also like to go swimming and play in the water. That's something they find very enjoyable.

Dog paddling

I was raised in Connecticut and I need nature -- I'm not a city person in particular. So, I take my dogs to the parks and to the dog beaches up and down the coast. One of my girlfriends lives in Huntington Beach, and when we visit her, we go to Bolsa Chica -- that's the top priority. I have a lot of pictures of my dogs playing in the waves.

Vegan paradise

I like to eat at Real Food Daily in West Hollywood and Santa Monica. They have the same philosophy that I have about eating. I'm a vegan and they have vegan recipes that you'll recognize. One is a comfy "TV dinner," which is a soy-based "meatloaf" with mashed potatoes and gravy. And they have lasagna that is like, "Wow!" -- better than anything you can imagine. I also like Native Foods in Westwood. They make things I might not take time to cook at home: nice warm meals in fall and winter, and lighter dishes in summer.

Higher ground

I am a highly spiritual person but not necessarily religious. Life gets so busy but you should start and end every day with a few minutes of meditation. Wake up and appreciate that you've been give a fresh new day, a roof over your head.

-- Anne Valdespino

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