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Surveying the Cost of Junk Faxes

September 01, 2002

Hurray for Steve Kisch ["Activists' Lawsuits Target Junk Faxes," Aug. 23]. I for one am sick and tired of having to hide my fax numbers. I have changed my fax number twice, had it removed from business cards, Web site and all other correspondence. I have thrown away stacks of unwanted faxes, purchased new ink and paper and tried too many times to mention to send the fax back with my number on it requesting removal from the autofax services.

All I ever got for my troubles were more faxes. If ever there were a cause for environmental activists to adopt, it is this one. The amount of waste and pollution created nationwide from unwanted, unsolicited faxes must be staggering.

I would love to know how many tons of paper, how many gallons of ink and how much time it has cost businesses on a yearly basis.

Go get 'em, Steve. Kevin Katz, it's time for you to hide now. You have violated my rights long enough.

Levi Mize



I am a recently widowed senior citizen who kept my husband's combination telephone/fax machine for its answering feature. But the barrage of junk faxes received in the last few months forced me to purchase a plain telephone with an answering unit.

Kevin Katz's promise at the bottom of each fax to remove one's telephone number from his database upon request is a cruel hoax--my countless calls were to no avail.

The $2.2-trillion lawsuit is hardly enough for such an egregious corporate practice.

Valerie M. Dayton


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