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Bulldozer Rams the Wrong House

September 01, 2002|FromTimes Wire Services

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. — A Florida couple's dinner was interrupted when a bulldozer tore down part of the roof of their house as they sat inside.

The bulldozer was set to demolish several homes in the area but it rammed into the wrong house, police said Friday.

Carlos Suarez and Yesenia Reyes were having dinner Thursday evening when the bulldozer came in through the back of their house, police spokesman Tony Rode said. It hit the rental home a second time before screaming neighbors and the couple prompted the driver to stop.

"I started yelling at him, 'What the hell are you guys doing?' " Reyes told the Sun-Sentinel.

Nearby homes in the neighborhood 20 miles north of Miami were slated to be demolished as part of a renewal project, but the couple's rental home was not on the list.

"What can you say? ... They hit the wrong house," Rode said.

Hollywood Fire Rescue officials estimated the damage at between $5,000 and $10,000. George Zaragozi General Contractors of Miami promised to repair the roof immediately, local media said.

"I can fix it in two days," said Zaragozi, the president. "[The driver] made a mistake and thought it was supposed to be demolished."

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