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Analyzing Security at John Wayne Airport

September 01, 2002

Re "New Arrivals Give Added Bite to JWA Security," Aug. 21:

It is rewarding to see the application of a time-tested and proven method of security applied at our local airport.

But I must have read a misprint. Don't tell me our bureaucrats have once again outdone themselves, spending $400,000 on a kennel. That's more than the cost of the average home in Orange County. Has anyone been held accountable for this extravagance?

Harry Steele



Re "John Wayne's Security Is Too Loose for Comfort," Letters, Aug. 4:

To the two letter writers who admonished John Wayne Airport for "lax" security: Please keep quiet! You are trying to reverse a step in the right direction. The fact that airport security lets elderly people with hip replacements through without hassling them gives some hope that maybe they are looking for real problems instead of looking to provide the illusion of security, which has been the effort since 9/11.

Air travel is much safer now, not because of metal detectors finding knitting needles, fingernail clippers and the like, but because the passengers will no longer allow a hijacking. The security goal should be to help passengers by keeping bombs and high capacity guns out of the cabins. The passengers would feel safer and even be safer if they were allowed to carry the small knives and other tools which used to be considered OK.

Doug Hosford

Huntington Beach

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