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For Governor's Race, It's 'None of the Above'

September 04, 2002

Re "Simon and Davis Prove It's Time for a New Voice: None of the Above," Sept. 1: I am one of the "decline-to-state" people Steve Lopez writes about. I switched from registration as a Democrat last year. I would like to see some Republican leaders talk Bill Simon into stepping aside and having either Richard Riordan or Secretary of State Bill Jones replace him as the Republican nominee. My preference would be Jones, but I would be happy having either of them as a choice against Gov. Gray "Fund-Raiser" Davis.

Can Simon realize that defeating Davis is more important than the bruises to his ego?

Colin Whipple

La Habra


Don't call it the None of the Above Party: Let's call it the Damn Right Party. As in, "Let's vote for a candidate who's not on the take." Damn right!

Trent Sanders

La Canada Flintridge

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