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What's That Song?

September 05, 2002

A DJ is only as good as her set list, much of which comes from obscure "white labels," independently released 12-inch vinyl with no title and no label, usually identified only by a DJ's hand-scrawled notes. DJs Colette and Rap break down playlists from recent gigs--at least those that aren't too secret to reveal--including some original compositions of their own.


Colette's Playlist

Samson, "Hear Me" (Derrick Carter Remix), Estero

Ian Pooley, "Mongobeatdown," Cube

Havana Funk, "Ahora Si--2002" (John Kano Just Beats Mix), Strictly Rhythm

DJ Colette, "Feeling Hypnotized" (A2 dub), Nettwerk America

Eddie Amador, "Psycho X Girlfriend," Yoshitoshi

Home & Garden featuring Colette, "Sexuality," Classic Recordings

Supreme Beings of Leisure, "Divine," Palm

Soldiers of Twilight, "Believe," 2020 Vision

Prax Paris, "Under the Shower," International Records

Grom, "Love/Rocket" (MJ Lan mix), Ladomat

Carlos Fauvrelle, "Talking," Serial

Andreas Greiner Jun, "My Inspiration," FM Muzik

Jamiroquai, "I Want It" (Deep Swing's Dub), Sony


DJ Rap's Playlist

Beaumont Hannet, "Texturology," GPR

Beats Vol. 5, "Hypnotized," ECB

Stir Fry, "Breaking the Streets," Bedrock Breaks

Radioactive Man, "Radio," Bedrock Breaks

Peacemaker, "Crisis," Chewy Fat

Stisch, "Television Popper," Bedrock Breaks

Aquasky, "Masterblaster," Assenger

Rennie Pilgrim, "Into the Darkness," Unreal

Laidback, "Flow," Bolshi Red

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