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Elderly Drivers Should Be Retested

September 07, 2002

One reading "Centenarian at Wheel Still Rules the Road" (Sept. 1) might think it is a cute or humorous story. However, there is a downside to such a situation. My granddaughter was killed in a traffic accident on an Oregon highway five years ago. An elderly driver fell asleep in the early afternoon, hit the guard rail and slammed into my daughter's car, killing my granddaughter, who was fastened in her car seat. I witnessed firsthand the heartache of such a tragedy.

This gentleman should be forced to get behind the wheel at his local DMV and prove his ability to drive. He should be required to take a physical examination from his physician that would certify that he is capable of the task. If he fails either of these tests, he should be required by law to dispose of his automobile. The statement by one of his friends that she would not drive with him out of fear for his driving skills indicates a serious problem probably exists.

This is a safety issue. It is a matter of life and death. I had to deal with it when my own father reached this point. I had to take his car away from him. Living close to Leisure Village, I was hit in Camarillo by an elderly woman who also should not have been driving. A centenarian at the wheel should not rule the road.

Gary Swearingen



How great to read about Charles Ford, the 102-year-old who still drives a car. We should all aspire to live the active life he does when we are his age. I hope his new car gives him years of pleasure.

Susan Lieberman


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