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What's Your Favorite Dinosaur?

September 08, 2002|MARY ELLEN WALKER

* My favorite dinosaur is velociraptor. It had a large brain, powerful hind legs, clawed hands, sharp teeth and was a carnivore. In fact, it was the most popular and terrifying dinosaur in the movie "Jurassic Park." I like the velociraptor because it was the smartest dinosaur. I have drawn a picture of a velociraptor attacking an euoplocephalus.

--Sean, 7

Anna Borba Fundamental School


* I like triceratops. It ate plants and used its horns for breaking twigs.

--Natalia, 5

Doyle Elementary

San Diego

* My favorite dinosaur is brachiosaurus. It had a bump on its head so it could breathe under water to get away from Tyrannosaurus rex. Brachiosaurus is my favorite dinosaur because if I were a dinosaur, I would like to be it because there was lots of water around that it could go into to get away from its enemies.

--Melina, 6

Westchester Neighborhood School


* My favorite dinosaur is the T. rex. It was a meat-eater, had long teeth and was very big! I like the T. rex because it was king of all dinosaurs.

--Felix, 7

JEI Learning Center



What's your favorite dinosaur? Tell us what you know about it. Why do you like this dinosaur the best? If you like to draw, send us a picture too!

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