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Solving the Problem of Burdensome Textbooks

September 08, 2002

Re "Bill Seeks to Lighten Kids' Load," Aug. 27:

As a tutor in San Clemente High School, I am astounded by the size of the geometry books we use, which are more than 700 pages long. In the books, at least 50% consists of stories and pictures, which I presume are there to make the students interested.

When I spoke to the teachers about this, they said they didn't like the books but were required to use them.

In our day, many years ago, the books were about 300 pages long and the students' grade averages were much higher than today.

Is it conceivable that someone is being paid to buy books by the pound?

Howard Niederman

San Clemente


How about paperback textbooks divided per chapter or unit? Or put the text on the computer and let the kids download the chapter they need at the present time.

There is no reason to carry five to 10 hardback books every day to and from school.

Florence McFarlane


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