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Does Santa Ana Need More Books in Spanish?

September 08, 2002

Re "Latinos Finding Nada on Library Shelves," Aug. 25:

More Spanish-language books on the library shelves of Santa Ana will not pull kids away from their TV sets. It takes a cultural change on the part of immigrant parents to make that happen.

I fail to see the demand for more Spanish-language books at any of our public libraries. Just how long is the waiting list for such books? How many children in Santa Ana will benefit significantly by its public library having such books available?

It may well be that the current supply of Spanish-language books in the three branches in Santa Ana is more than adequate.

Ralph Mendoza

Fountain Valley


I have a simple solution: Learn English! Your staff writer says that various critics bemoan that the "Santa Ana library system is out of touch with the residents." The truth is that the residents are out of touch with the country they have chosen.

Carol Thompson

Anaheim Hills


The government has absolutely no business furnishing books in Spanish for people who are immigrants living in the United States. Councilman Jose Solorio is correct in stating that it is not the city's responsibility to furnish books in Spanish for their libraries.

It is the duty of these immigrants to learn English, so that they may be able to enjoy the greatness of the American system like millions and millions of immigrants have done since our founding, and are still doing it.

Solorio is a living example of what the American system is able to produce, when the person is willing to study and work toward a goal.

Raoul F. Silva

Garden Grove

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