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Cal State Fullerton Has Its Priorities Mixed Up

September 08, 2002

Re "Cal State Fullerton Students Reporting for Duty at El Toro," Aug. 27:

Though a handful of students may find Cal State Fullerton's El Toro satellite campus more convenient, it has already proved a hindrance for other students. For the fall 2002 semester, certain classes are being offered only at the El Toro campus, a pattern that seems likely to continue.

Many students who live and work in North County and who attend Cal State Fullerton because of convenience are now being told "too bad" if they cannot commute to El Toro, and it has already pushed back expected graduation or completion dates while students wait for classes to be offered again at the main campus.

Cal State Fullerton has its priorities all wrong. Instead of limiting enrollment and focusing on issues like parking, a notorious problem, administrators seem to believe that money, time and energy are better suited to funnel into satellite campuses and additional dormitory buildings.

The college is a commuter campus, not a small-town university that must house all students, and they completely overlooked the need for a parking structure for the 28,000-plus registered students.

Lily Estes-Eichert

Cal State Fullerton graduate, masters candidate


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