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Respect for Retro

September 08, 2002

Regarding "A Bungalow Returns to Retro," by Michelle Gringeri-Brown, Sept. 1:

Thank you so much for featuring this fabulous kitchen. The masses have become enamored of granite and stainless steel, which have to be polished like fine furniture. And those huge and so often poorly designed islands become big walk-around obstacles that disrupt the flow of meal preparation and cleanup. This is a beautiful and work-friendly kitchen.




As an interior designer, I am involved in "retrofitting" a bungalow-style kitchen with a similar yellow and green tile layout. It is refreshing to find homeowners who appreciate the intrinsic appeal of original architectural features.

Bigger is not always better, and remodeling projects that maintain proportion and simplicity can be vastly rewarding for designers and homeowners. Rediscovering the charm of early 20th century residential design is also a great way to keep the budget manageable. Perhaps this reflects the current trend toward basic comforts and the eschewing of high-end consumerism.


Santa Monica

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