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It's Time to Look at Copeland and Camejo

September 11, 2002

Re "Davis Caught in Jaws of Two Latino Demands," Commentary, Sept. 9:

Gov. Gray Davis is a victim of his own pandering and the conflicts arising from taking money from all sides. His greatest difficulty is to remember or reconcile who bought him to go which way on what issue. Now he is faced with, among other things, whether to veto or sign a bill allowing illegal aliens to obtain a California driver's license.

It is so revealing that our unprincipled governor faced this dilemma as we approached the anniversary of Sept. 11, a day that brought home the perils of our porous borders and the lack of meaningful monitoring of even legal entrants who overstay their visas. In a sop to security, Davis now wants criminal background checks as a condition of dispensing these licenses. Will that check include the fact of the violation of our immigration laws, a crime in itself?

William S. Davis

Yorba Linda


California voters are left with a choice between an incumbent who devotes his career to recruiting, rewarding and repaying those who purchase his office for him and an inept and inexperienced businessman of questionable character who has more money than brains.

Once again, those of us who do the actual voting come into the process far too late to make any difference. If we vote and our candidate wins, it doesn't matter because our wishes aren't considered. If we don't vote, we have no right to object to the status quo. Either way, we lose. Impotence leads to rage, and rage leads to action.

The time is ripe for a strong third party in this state to represent those of us too poor to buy our own candidates.

David Michael Perry

Los Angeles


A sentence in your Sept. 6 editorial stands out like a beacon for those of us dissatisfied with both major party candidates: "Simon must improve his campaign, not just for his own pride but because voters in November deserve a real choice."

Yes, voters do deserve a choice. Both major parties have failed to put up competent candidates, so what's the alternative? Conservatives should vote for Gary David Copeland of the Libertarian Party. Liberals should vote for Peter Miguel Camejo of the Green Party. Neither major party deserves our support!

Robert J. Banning



Re Lyn Nofziger's remarks on Bill Simon, Sept. 6: "Inept, weak ... too dumb?" Obviously Simon is aiming too low. With these qualifications, he could be president.

Margaret Morris


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