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September 12, 2002|Larry Stewart

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What: "Beyond the Glory"

Where: Fox Sports Net, Sunday, 8 p.m.

There is a lot more to Jim Kelly than being on the losing end of four consecutive Super Bowls. The former Buffalo Bill quarterback and his wife, Jill, discovered in 1997 that their son Hunter was inflicted with the debilitating Krabbes disease. Hunter would bring hope to others in his fight against the fatal inherited disorder of the central and peripheral nervous system.

The emotional story of Kelly, his son and their fighting spirit is told in this excellent edition of "Beyond the Glory."

Of Hunter, Kelly says, "My son, he'll never walk. He'll never talk, He'll lose his sight. He won't be able to do what all the other kids do. But he's going to be able to do greater things. He's going to help other kids down the road. Through him, there will be miracles."

Jill Kelly says, "I'll talk to [Hunter] and tears will well up in my eyes because he's so intense and he looks right through me with those awesome eyes. There is nothing in this world that is more precious than those times with him."

Jill Kelly and others close to her husband, including his father, three brothers, former teammates and former Bill coach Marv Levy, are among those interviewed

Kelly, inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame this year, was born in a small mining town in Pennsylvania to a coal miner father and a homemaker mother. Kelly and his five brothers lived in humble surroundings. His high school team had only 23 players but with Kelly at quarterback the school won two state titles.

He went to Miami and played two years in the old USFL before going on to star for the Bills.

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