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Two-minute Drill

September 16, 2002|Houston Mitchell

Chicago 14, Atlanta 13: Feely upset after missing game-winning kick. He's a real touchy Feely.

Tampa Bay 25, Baltimore 0: Redman wore high-tops to honor Unitas. His play was a tribute to Dieter Brock.

Carolina 31, Detroit 7: Ancient Rodney Peete has best game in 10 years; George Blanda plans comeback.

Cleveland 20, Cincinnati 7: First Tupa, now Frerotte. Who is next to receive some money from Yepremian?

Dallas 21, Tenn. 13: Dave Campo says "Quincy is a competitor." When did Jack Klugman join the Cowboys?

New England 44, New York Jets 7: Matt Turk leads Jets in rushing. And they say kickers aren't athletes.

New Orleans 35, Green Bay 20: Nowadays, Brett Favre has troubles near Bourbon St.

Miami 21, Indianapolis 13: Williams joins Mark Higgs in Dolphin record book. What elite company.

Jacksonville 23, Kansas City 16: Jaguars have more long gainers than Manute Bol's Diving School.

Arizona 24, Seattle 13: Handing the keys to Mike Holmgren has really paid off for the Seahawks.

New York Giants 26, St. Louis 21: Looks like the T.J. Rubley-era L.A. Rams have finally arrived in St. Louis.

Buffalo 45, Minnesota 39 (OT): I've met Scott Norwood, and Mike Hollis, you are no Scott Norwood.

Denver 24, San Francisco 14: 49ers commit 10 penalties for 114 yards. A nice gift if you can afford it.

San Diego 24, Houston 3: A few more games like this, and Carr will need some airbags.

Oakland 30, Pittsburgh 17: Raider running backs are like Maytag Repairman: Rarely get called upon.

Tonight, Philadelphia at Washington: 6 p.m., Ch. 7; Jeremiah Trotter can show Eagles what they're missing.

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