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They're Left Hanging

September 21, 2002

I really enjoyed Brian Lowry's Sept. 18 column, "All That Viewers Ask for Is a Little Closure," and I couldn't agree more.

The worst case of this policy that I have ever seen was concerning "The Fugitive 2000" on CBS.

The producers spent the entire season building up a complicated story line with several conspiracy theories.

When the series was not picked up, the powers that be decided it didn't matter if there was a conclusion. It would be like showing the first 23 hours of "24," then pulling the plug.

Now, I know that "The Fugitive 2000" did not bring in giant ratings, but as one of the 5 million or so people who watched every week, it felt like a slap in the face. If this is the regard that the networks have for the viewer, it's no wonder that they are losing ratings every year.




I'm a "Now and Again" fan and really miss it. It was the only weekly program that I tuned in for, and the whole deal with that show was the potential for closure in a lightly comic yet deeply emotional way. They really left us hanging.


Beverly Hills


After much fanfare over the Sci Fi Channel's "Farscape" being renewed for two seasons, we have been told that the show will end after the fourth season ... with a cliffhanger! The decision was made too late to make the changes necessary to wind up the show properly.

I do not mind open-ended stories, when they are intentionally so, and when they are well executed. But this capricious act is not only inconsiderate, it is a gross insult to the viewers, who had been promised another season and a proper finale.


St. Louis

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