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Hey, Pittsburgh, Return the $10,000 and All Other Slights Will Be Forgiven

September 21, 2002|Steve Harvey

That's something, isn't it--the disclosure that L.A.'s film-promotion agency donated $10,000 to a Pittsburgh movie commission?

I mean, what's Pittsburgh ever done for L.A.?

I remember when a Pittsburgh mayor by the name of Sophie Masloff visited here several years ago and commented: "The experts told me the city of L.A. was the city of the future. What a bunch of baloney."

Then there was the time the Allegheny County (Pa.) coroner turned down an opening for the L.A. County coroner's job. His wife said of L.A.: "Everything looks like a slum. I understand there is a drought, but people can at least rake their yards."

As if that isn't enough, the Pittsburgh Pirates let slugger Barry Bonds slip away to the San Francisco Giants, the Dodgers' rival.

Rake up that $10,000 and give it back, Pittsburgh!

Hanging offense: In a Laughlin, Nev., hotel room, Mike and Peggy Bird of Calabasas noticed a warning for clothes hounds next to a sprinkler on the wall (see photo).

One-stop shopping: With summer coming to an end, Kathy Yagami of Newbury Park found a store supplying the necessary before-and-after equipment for skiers (see photo).

Even the roosters sleep late in Laguna: The police log of the Coastline Pilot said "loud roosters were reported in the 31000 block [of Catalina Avenue] at 2:32 p.m."

Mixed reviews: A couple of L.A. hotels have received attention in the national media.

USA Today, in a piece on how tourists are being hit with hidden charges, noted that the room service menu at the Century Plaza Hotel lists a cheeseburger at a mere $14. But when delivery charges, administrative fees and tips are added, it comes to $21.44. No extra charge for onions, though!

The Wall Street Journal, meanwhile, praised the concierge service at The Grove at Farmers Market, whose staff successfully carried out 10 of 12 requests by a Journal reporter, the most important being the procuring of a velvet painting of Elvis Presley.

I'm sure Elvis would be pleased to be in an item that mentioned cheeseburgers.

A business exec who's trimming expenses? The police log of the Dana Point News said: "Pacific Coast Highway, 34200 block ... The front desk of the Holiday Inn Express reported that a subject was found sleeping in one of their conference rooms. 6:49 a.m."

miscelLAny: The covers of men's magazines feature pretty girls. Those of sports magazines show athletes. And what's on the cover of a lawyer's magazine, like the L.A. publication Advocate? Why, a lawsuit in the making, of course (see accompanying).


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