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What's Your Favorite Dinosaur?

September 22, 2002|MARY ELLEN WALKER

* I like brontosaurs because they looked cute, were plant-eaters and were really cool.

--Jackie, 12


* I like pterodactyls the best because they flew fast.

--Natasha, 6

Home schooled


* My favorite dinosaur is parasaurolophus, which lived over 60 million years ago. It had a tall crest that was up to 6 feet long on its head. It is known as the "trombone duckbill" because its long hollow crest could make a range of trumpet sounds.

--Noemi, 9

Oxnard Street Elementary

North Hollywood

* My favorite is the dsungaripterus. It ate insects and small fish. Its wings were 10 feet wide, two times the size of my mom. It had narrow and long jaws and sharp teeth. It looked like a giant pelican and the top of its head looked like an ax.

--Isabelle, 8

Roscomare Road Elementary

Los Angeles

* My favorite dinosaur is the Tyrannosaurus rex. It had sharp teeth, was tall, had a long tail and was very big.

--Alex, 6

Camino Grove Elementary


* My favorite dinosaur is the baryonyx. His name means "big claw." I like him because he was a predator. He was smaller than a Tyrannosaurus but was able to kill other dinosaurs of its size. I would like to have one as a pet.

--Jose, 10

Los Feliz Elementary

Los Angeles


hat's your favorite dinosaur? Tell us what you know about it. Why do you like this dinosaur the best? If you like to draw, send us a picture.

NEXT QUESTION: Are you dressing up for Halloween? If yes, tell us about your costume. Send us a picture if you like to draw. Or tell us why if you are not dressing up.

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