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Book Reviews for Kids

A Rooster With a Yearning for Learning to Cook

September 22, 2002|JENNIFER JAMES


by Janet Stevens and

Susan Stevens Crummel

"Cook-a-Doodle-Doo" was a good story. The rooster was bored of eating chicken and remembered what grandma said about the cooking book. So the rooster decided to make a strawberry shortcake. It asked the turtle, iguana and pig if they could help rooster make a cake. They went to make the cake.

Do you think that rooster and its friends will make the cake? You need to read the book to find out.

--Anai, 9

Battles Elementary School

Santa Maria


"Homeless Bird"

by Gloria Whelan

This story is about a girl named Koly, who lives in India and is the only girl in her family. Her family arranges a marriage for her when she is 12 years old. When the wedding day arrives, Hari, a small 13-year-old boy, becomes her husband. After the ceremony, Koly is not allowed to see him. The boy's parents arranged the wedding so they could get the girl's dowry and take him to a sacred temple. He dies the next day. The girl is now a widow and has to stay with her in-laws even though they treat her badly. If she goes home she will dishonor her family.

This book was exciting and sad at the same time.

--Shayna, 11

Summit View Elementary

North Hollywood


"Letters from Rifka"

by Karen Hesse

This book is about a girl named Rifka and how she tries to travel to America with her family. She catches ringworm and has to wait to go to America by herself, because her family leaves without her. She then goes to America, but in the process she stays on Ellis Island for a long time.

The story only focused on Rifka, the main character. The immigration process was probably bad for her, but other immigrants may have had different perspectives.

--Alex, 11

Westwood Charter Elementary



"The Boy Genius and the Mogul"

by Daniel Stashower

We all watch a lot of TV, but did you ever wonder who invented TV? TV was invented by a 14-year-old kid. No kidding! His name was Phil Farnsworth. He was the boy genius who figured out how to take a picture, break it down, transmit it, receive it, put it back together and show it on the screen.

Did you ever wonder what's inside your TV set, or how it works? You can find this, and more, by reading this book.

--Erich, 10

El Morro Elementary

Laguna Beach

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