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Tips on Dealing With the Smoke

September 27, 2002

The American Lung Assn. of California offers these recommendations to protect residents affected by the forest fires.

* Remain indoors to avoid inhalation of smoke, ashes and particulate matter. Refrain from outdoor exercising, particularly if you smell smoke or experience eye or throat irritation.

* When driving through smoky areas, keep windows and vents closed.

* People with respiratory problems should stay indoors as much as possible, with doors, windows and fireplace dampers shut.

* If outdoors in a smoky area, breathe through a damp cloth.

* People with lung and heart problems should avoid cleanup activities where dust or soot is present.

* Thoroughly wet sooty areas during cleanup and wear an appropriate dust mask.

* Consult a physician if experiencing wheezing, shortness of breath, light headedness and dizziness.

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