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The Inside Track | Q & A WITH BEN CRENSHAW

There Was Little Gentle About '99 Ryder Cup


"That was the kind of day it was for us and we went out of control momentarily. Our emotions got the best of us. Those are the things we have apologized for, and we needed to. It was pure emotion coming out.

"You put those things into context with what happened to our country on Sept. 11, which threw the matches back another year. I think we all realize how important golf and sports and other walks of life have become.

"I think the matches are going to be a little more somber, more respectful, and I think that's a good thing. I think as we go about our everyday lives, it's going to be in the back of every player's mind this week of why the matches were postponed.

"It will be a hard-fought match, but I think it will return to where it was before. Really, the bottom line is that Europe and Great Britain are our oldest friends."

Q: Do you have any advice for Curtis Strange as captain of the Ryder Cup team?

A: "The only thing I have talked to Curtis about, as all captains do. [Europe captain] Sam Torrance has lost a lot of sleep about this: How is he going to pair his players? It drives you crazy. Those things go through your mind, especially when you think that a few guys are going to play together and then watch them play in practice and you have a few doubts here and there and it torments you.

"It will either confirm his suspicions or he may insert someone at the last second. The anticipation that has built up is now coming out and it will be a great relief once they get out on the course."

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