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Keyboards and Doodads That Really Swing

September 29, 2002|LESLEE KOMAIKO

Among the luxuries of working at home is the option to personalize your desk, right down to the computer hardware. Why limp along with those company-mandated beige keyboards? Make a statement. Here are a few 'boards and extras we like.

Over the Rainbow

These translucent boards from King Global in the City of Industry come in six delicious candy colors perfect for creative types or anyone who needs a little extra motivating. It's as if there were a little cheerleader in each one. $22.95 at

Crystal Clear

Forget black--clear is the ultimate neutral. But for the keys, which are available in black or white and constructed with ABS plastic (the stuff they use to make bulletproof vests), Apple's Pro Keyboard is thoroughly translucent. A triumph of simplicity. $59 at

Industrial Strength

The Hummer of the keyboard universe, Stealth's stainless steel 5000 DT is chemical- and water-resistant. It's also a beauty. See it in Paramount's upcoming release "The Core,'' in which Hilary Swank and company use it in a quest to reach the center of the earth. $595 at

Slippery When Wet

Parents and the accident prone will appreciate this spill-proof design from Man & Machine. Made of silicone rubber, the CoolOne can take just about anything, from apple juice to hot coffee. And it's ultra quiet, a boon for those late-night Googling marathons. $179 at

Black Beauty

Logitech's new Cordless Elite Duo keyboard with matching black and silver mouse is sports car sexy. With no cumbersome cords to deal with, it handles beautifully as well. You're entering a mouse pad-free zone here: This baby works on books, stacks of paper, just about any flat surface. So clutter away. $99.95 at


Los Angeles artist Erin Lareau's "Iced Mice" are sure to glam up any desk. Available in shades including "Power Red" and "Chameleon Green," each mouse is signed and numbered and features 1,200 hand-set Austrian crystals. Beats plastic. $200 at, World Avenue Fred Segal Melrose, (323) 651-1800, or Geary's in Beverly Hills, (310) 273-4741.

Designer Pad

You've got a Noguchi table, a Herman Miller chair, a Neutra house. Why not an Eames mouse pad? This one features his specification drawings for the DCW chair. Perfect for designers and mid-century diehards. $17 at or the Eames Office Gallery & Store, Santa Monica, (310) 396-5991.

Positioned for Success

The Dashboard from Proformix puts you and your wrists in a happy position. Just screw it into the underside of your work surface and you're ready to rock, ergonomically of course. $378 at Jules Seltzer Associates, Los Angeles, (310) 274-7423, or Yocum Business Furnishings, San Gabriel, (626) 282-8428.

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