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It's a Pretty Safe Bet That Gambling Will Stay

April 12, 2003

Thanks for the April 5 article by Steve Springer and Lance Pugmire, "Removing Gambling From Curriculum?" It was an excellent overview of the situation. A couple of observations in relation to the topic:

No matter what position the NCAA takes, I can't imagine that they truly support elimination of gambling on college sports. It doesn't take a genius to realize that one of the greatest promotional devices for college football and basketball is, in fact, gambling. Does anyone really believe that viewership, on television or in attendance, would remain at current levels if it weren't for the gambling aspect of it all? Believe me, the NCAA wants gambling, but can't say so. Statements in the article attributed to NCAA President Myles Brand are just another example of the hypocrisy of the NCAA.

Alan Oken



What are John McCain and his fellow politicians thinking in their attempt to ban gambling in Nevada on college sports? Nevada's casinos account for approximately 2% of all college gambling -- the only 2% that's regulated and taxed. The other 98% is bet with online sites or bookies (who are often controlled by organized crime). This bill will not dent the amount of money bet on college games, only move that money to Web sites or bookies.

Jeff Clarke


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