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4 Arrested in Capistrano Robbery

April 27, 2003|From a Times Staff Writer

Orange County sheriff's deputies thwarted a home-invasion robbery in San Juan Capistrano after one victim -- unnoticed by the intruders -- called 911, authorities said Saturday.

Police arrested three of four suspects shortly before 9 p.m. Friday as they fled from a house in the 31000 block of Old San Juan Road, said sheriff's spokesman Jim Amormino.

Police identified the men as Jose Navarro, 19, Carlos Garcia, 18, and Hector Rascon, 24, all of Los Angeles.

Despite a search with a helicopter and police dogs, the fourth man escaped, Amormino said.

But deputies said they found an abandoned car nearby and traced its registration to Yazid Shariff Shahid, 22. He was arrested Saturday morning in Los Angeles.

Amormino said four men broke into the San Juan Capistrano house and held two of the residents at gunpoint.

A third person, a woman, was in her room and called 911, he said. She hung up before she could give the address, but dispatchers were able to trace the call.

Within two minutes, five sheriff's units were in front of the house as the robbers prepared to leave with a "large amount" of cash and jewelry, Amormino said.

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