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Critical Questions About the Seabiscuit Legend

August 01, 2003

Re "Seabiscuit Skeptics See Horse of a Different Color," by Louis Guida, Commentary, July 30: Suddenly, after nearly 63 years have passed and a brilliant career has been recalled, we are "treated" to the questioning of the integrity of the owner and trainer of Seabiscuit. Well, Mr. Guida, just one test needs to be administered

Walter Meyer

Thousand Oaks


I must say it is wise to always hear the other side of the story. Guida suggests that the racehorse Seabiscuit might have been given drugs to make him run faster. The horse died at a relatively young age of 14 of a heart attack. These drugs could have played a part.

After reading the book I was amazed; now I am curious.

Steven A. Shafer

Los Angeles

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