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Farewell to critic

August 02, 2003

SAY it isn't so! ("Rosenberg to Retire Aug. 8," July 28). You may find another television critic but you will never find a "replacement" for Howard Rosenberg.

His erudition, style, passion, honesty and courage made his columns a must.

Barbara H. Bergen

Los Angeles


THIS is indeed sad news. As an avid fan of critic Rosenberg, I will miss his trenchant, articulate columns, his humaneness toward animals, his indefatigable push for intelligent programming in all forms of public broadcasting.

Thank you, sir, for 25 years of keen and sensible writings.

Michele Mooney

Van Nuys


HOWARD Rosenberg can't leave me like this. What am I going to do without his scathing, hilarious and often devastating takes on all things televised?

Who is going to mock and ridicule the excesses of our local newscasts and their emphasis on car chases, celebrities and titillating "exposes" at the expense of actual news?

Every time I see, say, Stone Phillips interview yet another grieving mother, I rest easy because I know Rosenberg will tee off on that like a hanging curveball. Now I guess I'll have to start getting mad again.

David Perez


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