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Well, at Least Ventura Deal Has Fans Talking

August 02, 2003

Considering that Robin Ventura's offensive production was virtually identical to the cadaver-like Adrian Beltre, Dodger General Manager Dan Evans' new acquisition is as pointless as pillows in a coffin.

Tom Scarpelli



Three things that are self-evident:

1. The Dodgers can't get on base or score.

2. Adrian Beltre is one of the worst offensive third basemen in the majors.

3. Dan Evans is incompetent.

Last year, Beltre couldn't hit and Evans passed on Scott Rolen and took Tyler Houston. This year, Beltre can't hit, and Evans loses Aaron Boone and takes a guy the Yankees don't want, Robin Ventura. How bad is Beltre when a Yankee castoff is a step up for L.A.?

Add to this the fantastic acquisitions of Mike Trombley and Terry Mulholland, and it all adds up: The Dodgers stink and the blame lies at the foot of Dan Evans.

Kevin Webb

San Bernardino


So the only big move Dan Evans can come up with is 36-year-old Robin Ventura. How did this guy become our GM? Instead of getting rid of Adrian Beltre, he gets a guy that has the same offensive numbers. Now we have two Adrian Beltres.

Armando Gomez



The Dodgers finally righted a wrong they committed 14 years ago. With the 1988 free agent draft, the Dodgers had a chance to draft the best third baseman in college baseball, Robin Ventura. Instead they took Bill Bene.

Leave it to Dan for getting him now. But then, why not? Ventura is batting .231 with no homers in July. He will totally fit on this team. Way to go, Dan!

Geno Apicella



Anyone who has pitched against the Dodgers this year should have an asterisk next to his ERA.

William Stringfield

Long Beach

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