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Dave Taylor Hasn't Just Been Sitting There

August 02, 2003

Anyone who claims the Kings have done nothing this off-season hasn't been paying attention.

The Kings added four potential impact players (Cechmanek, Robitaille, Stumpel and Klatt) without giving up a single roster player in exchange. They jettisoned a number of players (Storr, Johnson, Rasmussen, Eloranta, Belanger and McAlpine) who simply couldn't get the job done. They signed three top prospects (Grebeshkov, Gleason and Kanko) who are sure certain to make the NHL within a few years and added two top European players (Pirnes and Strbak) who could make the NHL club this fall.

When you consider that the Kings finished only four games under .500 last season with Allison and Deadmarsh out most of the year, there is no reason to be anything other than optimistic about the team's chances this season.

Brian Peters

Granada Hills


I'd rather have Jason Allison locked up in a long-term deal than Sergei Fedorov. Allison is a bulldog and as Andy Murray said, the "Shaq of the NHL."

He's 28 years old and has a lot more to offer the Kings after an unfortunate year last year. We haven't seen Allison at his best, which I'm sure he'll be next season. Jason Allison is one of the elite centers in the league right now. He can take on Fedorov any day of the week.

Melissa Walking


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