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That's Quite a Roll Armstrong Is On

August 02, 2003

This is always the roughest period for sports fans: the two weeks between the time Lance Armstrong wins the Tour de France and the start of the NFL preseason!

Michael Finley

Marina del Rey


Lance Armstrong's fifth victory in the Tour de France reminds me of what I heard a football coach say many years ago. "A team that won't be beat, can't be beat."

I don't know if Lance Armstrong will be able to win again next year, but I wouldn't bet against him.

Robert H. Williams

Monterey Park


Lance Armstrong's fifth consecutive Tour de France victory is nothing short of amazing. The U.S. Postal Service team's impeccable supporting performance also deserves congratulations.

Admittedly, cycling is not a very big sport in America. Nevertheless, anyone doubting the rigor of this demanding sport ought to head for the nearest mountains and try a few ascents of 4,000 to 6,000 feet. You will be a new convert.

Ruben A. Vassolo



Does it Gaul the French that an American keeps winning the Tour de France?


Bob Warner


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