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Telemarketers Talk on Others' Dime

August 03, 2003

What a bunch of sore losers ("Telemarketers Appeal 'Do Not Call' List," July 29).

I hate to see anybody out of work, but I have little sympathy for people who make their living by annoying others with their unsolicited calls at all hours of the day and night.

My phone bill isn't free. I have to pay it every month and that should ensure me a telephone line free from these phone leeches.

Now, if the telemarketers would like to start paying our entire phone bills....

Will Ray



Although it could be construed as a free-speech rights violation, what about my rights?

I consider my home to be a private residence, not a public forum for telemarketers.

Therefore, I ask that they respect my privacy.

Norman Hirsch

Canoga Park

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