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Enforcement of Permit Policy Is Questioned

August 03, 2003

Re "Bigots More Offensive Than Illegal Immigrants," July 27:

Armida S. Thomson identifies herself as an employee of the Costa Mesa Parks Department, and then tells readers that there is "enormous bigotry" in Orange County.

To put Thomson's letter in context, one has to know that the Costa Mesa Parks Department and the Administrative Services Division, under which it operates, are hotbeds of wacky left-wing social beliefs. This area of our city government seems to be bending over backward to spend citizens' money on making illegal aliens comfortable.

Of course, readers with an eye for left-wing cliches would have already guessed Thomson's bias by her lack of logic and the fact that she gushes about "a glorious cross-section of humanity." Thomson should look up the words "bigotry" and "glorious" before putting them in letters.

Thomson clumsily fails to disprove the contention made by a previous letter writer that our parks are now for the exclusive use of illegal aliens. She says that Costa Mesa has a permit process that requires groups of 10 or more people to get a park permit. The reality is that few illegal aliens get the permits but still hold large gatherings. However, the city does nothing about these gatherings.

Many citizens of Costa Mesa are holding their breath and hoping that some tragic incident involving children doesn't happen because of the crackpot policies of the Parks Department.

M.H. Millard

Costa Mesa

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