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Tuning In to the Liberal Side of the Radio Band

August 03, 2003

Re "Morning Becomes Apoplectic," Commentary, July 30: Rob Long's tongue-in-cheek diatribe against Santa Monica's National Public Radio station KCRW because of its liberal bias and its sophistication seems out of place in a country whose radio waves are virtually owned by right-wing Rush Limbaugh-philes, most of whom exhibit very little, if any, sophistication. I do confess that KCRW's "Bookworm" show is a little over the top for me, even though I've lived with a novelist for 32 years.

What really got my goat, though, was Long's comment regarding his check to the Bush reelection campaign: "He's a good president, and I want him around for another four years." It raises the question: What is a bad president? At least Long's "good president" has done one positive thing. He has ended the argument over what to do with Bill Clinton's budget surplus.

John Morton

El Segundo


I read Long's commentary on KCRW with great pleasure. Although my political inclination is a little bit right of center, I enjoy listening to the liberal bias of KCRW and NPR reporters and commentators. I guess a few of us "right-wing conspirators" are masochists. Besides, how can one listen and not contribute?

But not to worry, Mr. Long. There is life after KCRW. Since money has been tight in my household, I could not contribute as often as I used to. I stopped listening so I would not have to feel guilty every time there was a fund-raising drive.

Catalino T. Ribac



My morning becomes hectic. I do have one of those old-fashioned out-boxes on my desk, and it too is crammed with to-do items: receipts, bills to pay, orphan phone numbers. Right now, the two items are a notice from KCRW reminding me to renew my membership and a note from the Bush/Cheney '04 campaign requesting money.

The note from Bush /Cheney is easy. I don't like being lied to. I tear it up. The other from KCRW is also easy. It is the prominent voice of NPR in L.A. I find I often disagree with NPR. I find that those in the opposite camp also often disagree with NPR. If we both disagree, it must be doing something right. I renew.

Arthur Yuwiler

Woodland Hills


Mr. Long: I feel your pain. I've been winning unrequited arguments with Rush Limbaugh for years.

Carl Coughlan

Newport Beach

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