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DeLay Brings His Christian Zionism to a Broken Promised Land

August 04, 2003

Re "House's DeLay Bonds With Israeli Hawks," July 31: U.S. Rep. Tom DeLay's (R-Texas) biblical rant on the struggle of Israeli good versus Arab evil in the Middle East is nothing short of ridiculous. The Israelis bear at least as much responsibility as the Palestinians do for the long years of violence in Israel and the occupied territories -- and have a rap sheet of human rights violations against the Palestinians that could reach from here to Jerusalem. DeLay needs to spend some time getting his facts straight.

Mark C. Eades



DeLay echoed the sentiments of President Bush and a majority of Americans when he stated, "The American people stand by you," to the Israeli people. Any reading of the "road map" enlightens one to the fact that Palestinian militants (terrorists in any other conflict) must be disarmed as one of the first steps.

Presently, there are no Arab "Palestinian territories" and never have been in terms of history. These are disputed lands, which hopefully will make up a peaceful Palestinian state living side by side with Israel. DeLay, Bush and many others continue to exhibit great courage when confronted with the terror and hate that run rampant in the Arab/Muslim world. Your savage criticism of DeLay (editorial, Aug. 1) indicates just how "out of the loop" The Times is.

Brian Elfand

Woodland Hills

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